What is therapy?

Therapy – is it for you?  You have gone as far as looking at my website to consider whether you need or want therapy and if you want to call me.  People have many different reasons for considering therapy.  You may be going through a life change such as completing your schooling, new job, retirement, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, parenting or another transition.  You may feel that you are not handling the stress as well as you want to or have in the past.  Sometimes people need therapy to help manage or cope with issues such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship problems or health-related problems. Therapy can provide much needed encouragement and help with skill building to get through these periods in your life.

You are your own person so therapy will be unique for you.  In general, you can expect to discuss the events happening in your life, your personal history relevant to your issue and your insights gained from session to session.  Depending on what you need or want, your therapy may be short-term for a specific issue or longer-term to deal with more difficult patterns of behavior or your desire for more personal growth and development.  Either way, I will work with you to create your personal treatment plan and schedule regular sessions at your convenience.