About Deborah

My interest in social work came from wanting to help others: individuals, families and communities. Understanding that good intentions are not enough, I studied human behaviors earning a Masters of Social Work from New York University.  My early career focused on family services in Jerusalem, Israel where I pursued post-graduate training in family therapy.  I lived and worked there for almost a decade and was fascinated by the psychology of individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds, which still interests me and informs my work.  My work in Connecticut for the next 2 decades was in family service and community work as well as teaching graduate students in social work.  During that time I started my private practice in the treatment of individuals, couples and families.  For the past decade I have also been working at a local hospital in out-patient behavioral health treating individuals, couples and groups for psychotherapy.

Clinical social work involves the application of established principles to the treatment of mental, emotional, behavioral, and addictive disorders.  As a clinical social worker licensed by the State of Connecticut and a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, I look forward to working with you.